He’s among us

Pedro Henrique da Silva Nogueira, a 21-year-old Journalism undergrad, has confirmed his participation in our simulation.

He’s an experienced MUNgoer – or a “simulation buff” or “model freak”, if you prefer. He’s been to 22 simulations – 12 times as a delegate (with five Honorable Mentions), six times as Committee Director, one as Editor-in-Chief of the MUN’s paper, and three times as School Adviser.

Pedro will play the title role. Below, you see a picture of him with Rahm Emanuel (me).


Don’t relax just yet

Brazilian college students, both undergrads and graduate, were invited to participate in this simulation of Obama’s cabinet, which will take place on Jan. 20th (Tuesday), Inauguration Day, from 9 AM to 5 PM (local time) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Vice-President Biden won’t be there. For security reasons, he will be taken to an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, all members of Obama’s security team, as well as few other names we will soon reveal, will be aboard AF1 handling a (or more than one!) major political crisis.

All on-board roles will be played by Brazilian students. However, maybe you still want to participate via Skype as a Senator, foreign leader, or even as Michelle Obama! Let us know.

We guarantee plenty of pics and videos.

Change is coming to America

Remember the Coca-Cola song, “Holidays are Coming?”

Well, Holidays have come and gone. In 15 days, change is coming to America.

This blog is about that change coming in turbulent times – how would the change be, if, on Jan. 20th, a major crisis strikes the U.S., so that transition (and handling of the crisis!) will take place aboard Air Force One.

This is political simulation.

This is Air Force Obama.